For 17 years, I’ve been going to Akari to get my hair colored, cut or done in an updo for an event. The owner, Jeffrey Blais, is the man I lovingly refer to as my hair hero. Jeffrey and I have been on quite a hair journey, especially during my tenure as a local TV News anchor. He is unequivocally as talented as he is kind and funny. Recently, while coloring my grays, or to be honest, whites at this point, Jeffrey presented me with a unique opportunity — to “fully experience” Akari’s MediSpa and write about it. Akari’s MediSpa is state of the art with the latest innovations in anti-aging and restoring skin treatments. And that is exactly what my 47-year-old face and body, mostly face, (did I mention my face?) needs.

Like many women who grew up in the 80’s I suffer from sunscreen deficient disorder. And I like wine more than water. So for the next 12 months, I’ll undergo various treatments designed to revitalize my dry skin, wrinkles and age spots. And I’ll blog about it. First up, a Dermaplaning facial.

Shannon Moss

A quick Google search says the process of dermaplaning utilizes a scalpel. That’s not unnerving at all, (insert sarcasm) but it actually wasn’t. Brooke Harris, an aesthetic nurse at Akari, radiates beauty, confidence and a passion for wanting people to look and feel their best. While thoroughly cleansing and prepping my face, Brooke walked me through the procedure. My body, meanwhile, melted into the heated bed. Next came the scraping. It didn’t hurt at all. Or tickle. It felt like someone gently dragging a drivers license across my face. The scalpel removed layers of dead skin cells. The bonus is those tiny vellus hairs or peach fuzz disappear too. (like sheep shearing for my menopausal face)

After the scraping, Brooke did a light chemical peel and applied the most wonderful smelling anti-aging face products. Brooke finished with a relaxing, I-don’t-ever-want-to-leave-this-room, arm massage. The results? My skin was glowing. My complexion was brighter. My face felt lighter. Like that feeling after you get your teeth cleaned or when you finally ditch the winter coat in the spring — And with zero downtime.

If I had to find a negative, it was that my skin was so clear I felt like my sun damage was screaming at me. Fortunately, because of Dermaplaning, my concealer will cover those brown spots better than ever! Next, I saw Meghan Bickmore, an aesthetician, for a brow and eyelash tint.

Meghan’s warm smile and infectious enthusiasm are wonderful to be around. She described how Akari only uses vegetable-based tints, so it’s safe around the delicate eye area. Meghan also custom blends all of the colors to fit whatever style someone is looking for.

The process didn’t take long at all. When Meghan handed me the mirror, I noticed the lash tint did make my eyes pop, but what I couldn’t get over, still can’t, are the brows. Love them. Absolute game changer. If you’re Interested in learning more, check out Akari’s Medispa or call for a consultation.

Next blog…we’re talking botox and filler (with before and after pictures!)

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