During my senior year of college, I rocked long, dark brown, natural curls. As I graduated and began searching for my first TV news job, it was recommended I cut my hair. (think anchor bob) To make up for losing the length, I decided to get a few blonde highlights. So I did what any young, naive coed does before the internet—I flipped through the yellow pages for a salon that didn’t just list its phone number but splurged for a big rectangular shaped ad.

It will go down as one of my biggest beauty blunders.

The stylist, an older Italian woman, (I’m from Rhode Island) frosted my hair…yes…with a cap. Needless to say, my hair was no longer virgin hair. And no matter how hard I tried to get back to being a brunette, I always left salon after salon seeing red…literally.

It took me 10 years before I found my savior, Jeffrey Blais, the owner of Akari. Jeffrey did what no other stylist in multiple states and big cities could do. He got my hair back to it’s “natural” color. I have trusted no one else with my hair color ever since. It’s been 18 years.

Recently Jeffrey told me about some exciting news happening at 193 Middle Street. The salon was approached by Revlon Professional, the #4 hair color in Europe. They wanted Akari to not only carry their line, but launch Revlon’s Latest Hair Color Line.

Akari, located in Portland, Maine, is the first salon in the country to fully launch the line! In the hair and beauty industry, this is a huge deal… as is Revlon Professional’s color line.

Haircolor at Akari

Jeffrey, who has been a stylist for 30 years, says this color line is a game changer. What has impressed him the most is how the line has lived up to its promises and hype. Any top hair color line works well and delivers similar results, but Jeffrey and other colorists at the salon say this is the first time the results were better than expected. And the reasons are plentiful…

Color-wise they’re able to deliver a much more natural looking color, particularly when it comes to covering grays or for someone looking for a rich brown without the auburn hue. (me in my twenties) And if your striving for blonde, their bleach is gentler and has a much better lift. But probably the best thing about their premier color line is they have added soy protein and hyaluronic acid…yes…the same hot hydration ingredient in skincare.

The results…ultimate shine, moisture and even a slight plumping effect. I noticed the difference immediately. And I’m not the only one, clients are raving about this new color.

At my most recent appointment, Jeffrey used another color from Revlon’s line, created for people with hair or scalp sensitivity. This ammonia-free color is combined with essential oils, one of three custom blends to choose from. And just like that my hair appointment became an amazing sensory experience. I also got full gray coverage, a more gentle color and we even added a few light blonde highlights with their ammonia free bleach. (Yup. They’ve got that too.)

My hair has never looked, smelled or felt better. Color me crazy but Akari has upped their already amazing color game. It’s a beautiful thing!

For more information on Akari’s new color line call 207.772.9060 or visit akaribeauty.com.

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