When I die and go to heaven I want it to look, smell and feel like a tandem massage and facial at Akari. This one treatment with two therapists is complete luxury and opulence. It’s like sitting in first class (I imagine) as you jet off to some exotic locale.

When I was initially asked to focus on this treatment for Akari’s November blog I was like a kid at Christmas…curious as to how it would unfold and anxious to experience it all. Akari’s spa is on the top floor of its downtown Portland building, away from the hustle and bustle of the main floor where the cutting and coloring happens.

Staircase to the spa at Akari

As you walk through the door to the spa, tranquility instantly surrounds you. Nestled in the lounge, sipping cucumber water and breathing in the scent of vanilla jasmine from the diffuser…it’s hard not to get excited for all that awaits you.

I was met by Meghan, a medical esthetician, and Delia, a massage therapist. Warm and welcoming, with smiles for days, they led me to the steam and shower room where I embarked on the adventure. My date with the steam room was private and purifying. I spent about 10 minutes watching the air swirl with the hot steam. I exhaled as the intense heat penetrated my skin and I sweated out what felt like every toxin and impurity in my body. I left relaxed (with some bad hair) but ready for the main event.

Wrapped in a comfy robe I chatted with Meghan and Delia about any issues I had with my skin or any areas I wanted them to focus on during my treatment.

The treatment began as a four-hand massage. My initial thought was “is this weird? “Should I think this is weird?” Well, it wasn’t. And it wasn’t over stimulating either. It was simply sinful.

Meghan, who surprised me with her extensive knowledge on skincare, and Delia with her ability to identify and focus on specific areas with just the right amount of pressure, worked together seamlessly. The entire treatment was like a choreographed dance. Megan and Delia were like synchronized swimmers and the results were wonderful. I actually asked Eliza, Akari’s General Manager, if Meghan and Delia practiced, given their give and take and exchanges were flawless. (They do.)

The full body massage and custom facial, done together, not only saves time for people with no time, it makes for a truly a unique experience. It’s the epitome of relaxation and pampering.

As the saying goes if two hands are better than one than four… are well…AMAZING!

While this treatment and others like it at Akari are definitely relaxing and stress releasing, experts say regular massages and facials do more than that. They’re therapeutic and offer a long list of health benefits for both the body and mind. In their efforts to support health and wellness,  Akari offers memberships and packages at discounted prices.

Steam Shower at Akari

As an added bonus, the use of the steam and shower room is complimentary with spa services. Guests can book time in the steam room before or after a treatment. And they’re all kinds of wonderful products and hair tools to create a finished look. (or you could book a shampoo and blowout to continue the indulgence!)

So many incredible gift ideas for a someone special or perhaps a gift for yourself. I mean, after all, it is the holiday season!

For more information on the tandem massage and facial or any of Akari’s services call 207.772.9060 or visit akaribeauty.com.

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