There is nothing like a Maine winter to suck the life right out of your skin, leaving it dry, flakey, and well…dull. But thanks to the topic of Akari’s April blog, I have now discovered the ultimate way to catapult my complexion into spring and summer — an oxygen facial.

Let me repeat that—oxygen facial.Shannon Moss before her oxygen facial at Akari

I’ve had facials before and they’re all wonderful, but this baby is the (Are the kids still saying that?) Seriously though, this revolutionary treatment is the “red-carpet-ready” go-to for Hollywood celebrities.

Let me take your through my appointment with Taylor, an esthetician at Akari, so you can see what all the fuss is about. Taylor, who is a hoot, by the way, starts this five-step treatment by massaging a gel-to-milk cleanser into your skin. The sensation is soothing, relaxing and gets rid of any impurities.

Next, an enzyme facial peel is applied for the ultimate exfoliation. This is kind of wild. It goes on thick, but as Taylor works the fruit enzymes made of pineapple and papaya into your skin, the gel liquefies and actually beads up as those enzymes dissolve and remove dead skin cells. This process also boosts circulation and stimulates collagen production. And we’re only on step two here, folks.

At this point, now that my face is a “dead-skin-cell-free-zone”, Taylor applies the oxygenating facial mask, a mask that delivers a potent dose of oxygen to the skin.

The product goes on like a gel and then starts to foam. It’s a fizzy-like-feeling, like a flute of champagne, and this is how it delivers the oxygen deep into the skin. The skin actually looks plumper, more full. And in a good way!

Step four involves a stem cell enhancer that infuses your skin with plant-derived stem cells, vitamin C, peptides and high doses of botanical enzymes. These stem cells will prevent aging and fight against UV damage and toxins. Taylor massages this liquid gold onto your face and neck and it is wonderful!

The fifth and final step is preventative. Taylor finishes the treatment by gently placing cold rocks on your face (ok that sounds weird no matter how I try to write that but trust me, it’s incredibly soothing). She then applies a tinted moisturizer to provide a bit of coverage and UVA and UVB protection.

The results are amazing! Please excuse my gushing, but this facial is gentle, invigorating and incredibly hydrating—and it’s instantly gratifying. The oxygen facial not only brightens your skin, but it also leaves you glowing—literally. It will give you an ethereal glow.

My only disappointment was my skin looked so clear and radiant that it exposed my sun damage more than ever, but that’s not the facial’s fault. That’s my fault for not wearing sunscreen growing up. But a little strategically placed concealer was able to fix that problem.

There is zero downtime, making the oxygen facial an ideal treatment before a wedding or a special event…or when it’s spring in Maine.  Catapult that complexion into spring and summer. It’s the perfect time for an extra boost of oxygen and a gorgeous glow!




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