I have dry skin. My skin is the kind of dry that requires me to practically bathe in oil and thick, goopy moisturizers. It’s the kind of dry that requires layers of highlighter just to show a hint of “glow”. Worse than the dryness is the sensitivity. If it doesn’t say “for sensitive skin” chances are a product will turn my skin various shades of red. Add in the cold, raw air of winter and I’m done for.

I would love to be the sort of person who had the time, money, or let’s face it-the energy to commit to a skincare routine. A routine that was adjusted for daytime and nighttime goals, that involved toners, serums and hydrating mists which would treat my skin with the attention it deserved. But, I don’t. So, I chose instead to put my face into the hands of an artist (quite literally) and cross my fingers that miracles really did come true. Thankfully, with the help of Taylor, Akari, and derma facials, they did.

Anyone who has had a facial before knows how indulgent it can feel. What makes Akari special is their ability to personalize services, making your deserved result their highest priority. Taylor ushered me into a private room, aglow with candles, and asked about my skin goals and typical routine. A personalized facial would be done after completing the derma process and she wanted to ensure she selected a treatment that would provide the most benefit. The facial part I was comfortable with, but being new to derma facials, I was curious about the process. Would it hurt? Would my skin be able to handle the pain? How deeply would I have to go in hiding until the redness went away? Clearly I had some prior baggage I was bringing into this experience. Taylor ensured me that I would feel no pain, and my skin would be selfie ready as soon as she was done.

A derma facial is a deep exfoliating process that removes dead skin cells from the surface, while activating your skin cells below. This results in a smoother, brighter surface which is prepped to absorb skin care products to a fuller degree. In short, the dry skin is going to be buffed off , my skin will be baby soft, and the products I am using on my face will be all the more noticeable. Over multiple sessions, derma facials are said to reduce the appearance of pores and sun damage, while increasing your collagen production. Understand my interest right?

Eminence Skin Care ProductsTaylor started with a cleansing of my skin with the most heavenly of products. The brand was called Eminence, and it felt so luxurious and smelled so divine I purchased them as soon as my service was done. My skin was already thanking me for this treatment. Taylor informed me that she would be using the microneedles on my face to eliminate the dead skin. She tested it on my skin to assure me I would feel no discomfort. I could feel it, but it was gentler than any clarisonic I’ve used before. Methodically Taylor glided across my face, in my crevasse, with nothing but a tingle and a soft vibration. She then took to putting nutrients and hydration back into my skin. As Taylor held up a mirror to show me the finished product, I instantly understood way this service was getting so much hype. My skin was GLOWING.

Almost a week later and it still is. I ventured to work foundation free and have never felt more confident doing so. I implemented the pre-wash oil cleanse into my nightly routine (even though I maaaaaay be using it as my pre and main wash… not all habits can be broken). My skin however has broken out of its winter rut, and is going forwarded bare faced and glowing.

Be sure to take advantage of this amazing service and email or call Akari to schedule your derma facial today!

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