Let’s talk about brows, baby!

I’m lucky. I’ve never disliked mine. I really never paid much attention to them until I was in my early twenties, living in Rhode Island, and my hairstylist seemed offended by mine. Actually, he wouldn’t let me leave the salon until he waxed them. After that, I understood why the potential kidnapping.

Brows are everything.

Sure their official purpose is to keep dust, dirt, and sweat out of your eyes, but more importantly, brows show emotion and play an important role in facial recognition. And frankly, we would look odd without them.

So for Akari’s June blog, we’re giving microblading a go.

Microblading is a semi-permanent tattooing technique that fills in brows or reshapes them by drawing on tiny lines that amazingly look like individual hairs.

Tammy Cooke is Akari’s Microblading expert. She is as wonderful and sweet as is extraordinarily talented and highly trained.Eyebrow before microblading treatment

A microblading appointment takes about 2 hours. First, Tammy puts numbing cream on your brows. While that’s kicking in she talks to you about your brows, what you like and don’t like and what shape would best suit your needs and expectations. My brows were starting to thin a little. Like your skin, your brows can start showing their age too. Fabulous.

To decide which pigment of ink to use Tammy checks your veins. Green veins are warm, which means you need a cool pigment. My veins are blue, so German Chocolate, a warm color was used.

Next, Tammy uses a measuring tool called a Golden Ratio Divider to take measurements of your face. I felt like I was a chalkboard and Tammy was Matt Damon in Good Will Hunting. Her knowledge and attention to detail are impressive.

Shannon Moss with her eyebrows drawn in with markerThen Tammy, with a black skin marker, outlines the shape of your brows and works inside the lines. Yes, you will look weird.

Then using what looks like a blade, but is actually 12 to 15 tiny needles, Tammy etches the natural pigment into your skin. Unlike tattoos that push ink eight layers deep into the skin, Microblading is superficial, only penetrating the first one to two layers.

It hurts a little, but nothing that can’t be tolerated. After she finishes, Tammy wipes away the pigment, leaving behind realistic-looking lines that not only fill your brows but give them the perfect shape.

It’s remarkable! Just keep in mind that the initial color is a lot darker than the healed result. Did I say darker? Tammy told me this, but later, after I left the salon, I started to panic. Being pale and wearing no makeup that day I felt like a makeup artist just spent a lot of time doing my brows, then took off running before finishing the rest of my face.

Eyebrow after microbladingPlease don’t freak out or search the internet for pictures of microblading gone wild. (There is some really bad work out there!) Your brows will soften to a lighter, completely natural looking tone in about 7 to 10 days.

You’ll also have a follow-up appointment 30 days later, which is really important. Touch ups include refilling if certain areas did not properly retain the pigment and brow refining if necessary.

The best part is your new, amazing, completely natural looking brows will last anywhere from 1-3 years. Seriously!

If you’re interested in microblading but nervous or hesitant, don’t browbeat yourself! Call Akari at 207.772.9060 and talk to Tammy, Maine’s Microblading Magician.

Next month we’re exploring the possibilities of Pelleve. Don’t miss it!

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