Shannon Moss at Akari

Shannon before her Pelleve treatment

Plastic surgery scares me for two reasons. One, the idea of someone cutting into my face, lifting muscles and removing fat and excess skin, sounds hideous. Second, Meg Ryan. Looking at pictures of her now, makes me cry harder than I did in Sleepless in Seattle.

As a 48-year-old wine drinking, recovering sun worshipper, I would love to knock off a few years…or a decade. But how can that be done as naturally as possible?

Welcome to the subject of Akari’s August blog. Pelleve is a wrinkle reduction system. But. Oh. My. It is soooo much more.

Pelleve is a like a hot stone massage for your face. A no surgery, no needles, no downtime facelift.

Eliza Norton is the General Manager of Akari. She is also a talented medical aesthetician. And she’s wonderfully kind and funny.

Shannon Moss relaxing at Akari

Notice the left side of Shannon’s face (right side of photo) has received the Pelleve treatment while the right side as of yet was left untreated.

The treatment started with a double cleanse. Then, for 90 minutes Eliza and I chatted while she used a wand, in circular motions, on my face. That magic do-hicky delivers heat that penetrates deep layers of skin with advanced radio frequency energy. That heat is what stimulates collagen growth. And collagen is the holy grail to spectacular, supple skin. Unfortunately, as we age we produce less collagen, which leads to wrinkles. And thin and sagging skin. Yuck. (For lack of a better word.)

Eliza first focused on the left side of my face. The heat, at times, was intense, but Eliza can easily control it. Otherwise, the process was relaxing and the warmth and slight pressure felt great.

When she was done, Eliza handed me a mirror. You could already see that my left cheek was plumper. The right side, flat. Amazing!

After finishing the right side and now having matching plump cheeks, Eliza moved on to detail work. She concentrated on the loose skin above and below my eyes and the section that has been really bothering me lately — those lines around my mouth and lips.

When the Pelleve treatment was over, Eliza wrapped up our session by massaging my face with the most wonderful smelling, award-winning anti-aging products. (Which you can buy at Akari!) The results, for me, were immediate and now a week after my appointment, even better. I look refreshed, like I got a good night’s sleep or just had a month off work. My face simply looks less cranky. And that bothersome marionette and vertical lip lines have softened. Halle-flippin-lujah. But the best part of all is it looks natural — not perfect, just a better version of me.

If I had to describe Pelleve, I would liken it to jumper cables or a defibrillator to a face that has flatlined. And I now like to think of Eliza as my fairy godmother, with a magic Pelleve wand that has the power to turn back the clock.

For my next treatment (several sessions are recommended for optimal results) I may have to wear some glass slippers.

For more information on Pelleve or for a consultation call Akari at 207.772.9060 or visit

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