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Tired of too much makeup that’s not covering up anymore?

Ahhh…. that off duty model look – waking up in the morning with that perfect bedhead hair and clear, glowing skin. Most of us take time and energy putting on a full face of makeup, often times to just try to cover imperfections. Wouldn’t it be fantastic to eliminate that routine all together, and let your own beautiful skin shine?

Akari clients love Photofacials because they address several aspects of aging: in addition to eliminating and airbrushing pigmentation, skin is tightened, collagen production is stimulated, and pores gain a tighter appearance.

Best of all, this treatment gives great results with minimal downtime.

What are Photofacial Treatments?

Photofacials use heat and light to individually and specifically target redness (rosacea, capillaries) and brown spots (sun damage, freckles) – making dull, discolored skin appear more even-toned, youthful and glowing.

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It accelerates the natural process of pulling brown spots upwards – targeting damage that would eventually work its way to the surface of your skin over time. This allows damage to exfoliate off and permanently eliminates it. It also suppresses redness by pushing the pigment deeper into the skin so that it is not as visible at the surface.

Our Ellipse Photofacial machine utilizes the latest technologies by targeting the red and brown separately, giving our clients the most effective treatment with the least amount of downtime.

A Photofacial at Akari is treated as a spa service, with relaxing music and soft beds in a gorgeous setting. Our providers go above and beyond to make sure our clients feel comfortable and cared for.

What Will I Look Like After a Treatment?

Your skin may appear slightly red for a few hours. Freckles and age spots will appear darker for up to a week. Depending on the size of the spots, it could look like a peppering similar to coffee grounds or blotchier, bigger spots. If desired, makeup can be applied post treatment. We recommend Jane Iredale – the skin care makeup – which is gentle and healing on your skin. Akari offers complimentary color matching and post treatment touch ups.

Does the Treatment Last?

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Any brown sun damage that has been targeted will be permanently eliminated. Red capillaries and rosacea will be suppressed and controlled with maintenance treatments. Proper, diligent use of sunscreen and customized products for home use will maintain the effects of the treatments.

Most of our clients are happy with a 3 treatment package – but depending on your expectations for results, we can always go further. Each treatment will work off of the last one to ensure progress with each visit.

Results-driven treatments like Photofacials are one of the best things that you can do to visibly improve the appearance and integrity of your skin. Doing something like this once a year or a package every few years will have a big effect on the condition of your skin and is something we highly recommend!

Pro Tips from our Staff Here at Akari

Get the most out of your Photofacial treatments with these tips from our pros:

    • If you are someone who has little concern with downtime, know that typical effects are easy to cover with makeup. Most of our clients can easily go back to work on the same or next day.
    • If downtime is a concern, our advice would be to get the treatment done on a Friday and give yourself a couple days over the weekend – by Monday you should be good to go!
    • Downtime to expect: brown spots coming to the surface may vary from looking like a peppering effect to blotchy larger areas if there is a significant amount of damage. This can sometimes look dark or even bruisey/purplish if it is a larger brown area.
    • Brown spots occasionally can get darker and need more treatments to further pull out – each treatment works off of the last one, so a series is recommended for this reason.
    • Sometimes you can experience a swelling around the eyes or lower face. To avoid or alleviate swelling we suggest sleeping slightly elevated on your back, icing frequently and taking a Motrin the night before, night of and night after treatment.
    • It can be up to a week for the face to experience the full exfoliation, and two weeks or longer for décolleté and body areas. You can gently exfoliate (our recommendation: Airelle cleanser) to encourage this process when your skin feels back to normal – maybe 2 – 3 days after the treatment. Sunscreen is always recommended.


Treating Your Skin Can Inspire You to Go Makeup Free

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Singer Alicia Keys had an awakening – she didn’t want to cover up anymore. And part of that meant no make-up.

“Not my face, not my mind, not my soul, not my thoughts, not my dreams, not my struggles, not my emotional growth. Nothing.”

She says she feels powerful – and the most honestly beautiful she’s ever felt.

Treat yourself to our Photofacials – or any one of our other skin rejuvenating procedures – and capture that powerful feeling! We have solutions for all lifestyles and budgets. Get in touch at info@akaribeauty.com or by calling 207.772.9060 and be sure to visit us on Instagram or Facebook!

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