I would make a horrible poker player.

One look at my face and you can tell everything I’m thinking and feeling. I’m expressive…I’m 47 and the combination is starting to show. The lines on my face are more pronounced than ever, particularly on my forehead. They’re deep and annoying. Like frost heaves.

Needless to say, I was excited when asked to be a model for a training at Akari’s Medi Spa. Dr. Donald Rainone, a board-certified physician in New Hampshire and known for his expertise in the botox and injectable world joined Brooke Harris, Cheri D’Alessandro, and Ashley McAuliffe, Akari’s three Aesthetic nurses, for a specialized training.

The medical aesthetics field is an ever-changing industry. For this reason, Akari makes it a priority to invest in continual education. They’re not just meeting the bar but setting it, mastering cutting-edge techniques and advancements in training and products.

First up: a consultation and collaboration. You and your nurse at Akari are a team. (Or in this case me, three nurses and a doctor) You share with them what you want, don’t want, and what bothers you the most. Brooke, Cheri or Ashley will study your face, your expressions and talk about the best options.

We decided I needed Botox for my forehead, crows feet, and mentalis. (Over time, flexing of this muscle can cause the chin to look bumpy, like a golf ball.)

Botox is injected directly into a muscle to weaken or relax it. Depending on how deep your wrinkles are Botox will smooth or eliminate them for several months. The needle pricks, are just that — some stung, some didn’t — but the process was fast and I was left with zero marks or bruising. Jeffrey gives an in-depth explanation here.

Next, we used Juvederm Vollure for my temples and cheeks. Vollure is a new product. It’s a hyaluronic acid filler, designed for more superficial injections. Basically, Vollure fills a void. It helps where there is a loss of volume or where wrinkles that are really deep.

Instead of a needle Dr. Rainone and Cheri used a blunt tipped cannula to minimize bruising. The procedure didn’t hurt but did it feel strange — like someone probing around in my cheeks, looking for lost treasure. Injecting the Vollure didn’t take long at all and I only had one small spot of bruising.

The results of Vollure are immediate. Right before my eyes, my face became fuller (in a good way) and the lines started to soften. It was like my Akari team waved a magic wand – well poked it at me and dug it into my face – but details. The results were the same and they’ll last up to 18 months.

I don’t look 20. That would take a miracle or a time machine. And frankly, I don’t want to look 20 or like someone trying to. The amount of product used simply made my face smoother, less harsh looking, natural. The most important thing, to me, is it matches the vibrancy and youthfulness I feel inside.

Botox and injectables are part science, part artistry and knowing how to blend the two together. It’s what Brooke, Cheri, and Ashley are trained to do. It’s their specialty. For this face talker, I’m glad they’ve found a home at Akari.

If you’re interested in learning more about Botox or Vollure visit akaribeauty.com or call 207-772-9060 for a free consultation.

Next month…instant hair! I’m getting taped in extensions just in time for the summer!

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