You know that feeling when you look in the mirror and think, “I look pretty good!” Your hair came out great, your makeup looks natural and for the rest of the day, you’re rocking the “I can take on the world” vibe. I love that feeling.

Then there are those times when you look in the mirror and you think, “Who in the hell is that?” Or worse, you make the mistake of looking down at your camera phone that happens to be pointed towards you, and you’re instantly terrified. I hate that feeling.

Lately, I’ve been more horrified than happy with my reflection.

The lines on my forehead are becoming more pronounced and my frown lines, or the elevens as they’re referred to, are deep—especially the one on my right. It’s angry and I’m pretty sure it hates me.

What has really been annoying are the lines around my mouth, the nasolabial folds and marionette lines. If you have them, you know how bothersome, and frankly, depressing they can be. We can thank aging, a lack of collagen, too much sun exposure and heredity for that.

So for the subject of Akari’s January blog, we decided to focus on fillers.

I got to work with Cheri D’Alessandro, an Aesthetic Nurse at Akari. When it comes to Botox and fillers, Cheri is a genius. She’s also so warm and welcoming you’ll want to invite her to lunch after your appointment.

The first thing Cheri does is ask questions. Every person is unique, so each treatment is unique. Cheri’s goal is to learn about what’s bothering you, what you’re hoping to achieve and making sure the results look completely natural. It’s all about her experience and technique.

During our appointment, Cheri first used Botox on my forehead, eleven lines, and crows feet.

Botox injections relax the muscle under a wrinkle. The needles are tiny, so there isn’t really any pain and the process is fast. The results aren’t immediate but in 2 to 3 days you’ll be staring at yourself in the mirror, smiling a goofy grin, because you can’t believe your wrinkles have disappeared or dramatically softened.

Vollure treatment before and afterNext, it was time for filler. After applying a numbing cream to the target areas, Cheri used Vollure, an injectable gel, to fill the facial folds and lines and add a little volume to my slightly deflated cheeks. To inject the product into my lower cheek area, Cheri used a microcannula. It’s a small, flexible needle with a blunt tip that is used to transport the gel to the right place, evenly and effectively. It also helps to minimize bruising. The process didn’t necessarily hurt, but you could certainly feel some pressure.

As for the folds and lines around my mouth, Cheri used a straight needle to insert the Vollure. It wasn’t painful, but with any needle prick, you do feel a slight pinch. After the filler was injected Cheri massaged the area to make sure the filler is making itself at home.

After the treatment was over I did experience a little swelling and some internal bumps in the area of the injection site, which is normal. Those disappeared after a few days. I also had zero bruising.

With fillers, you might see a slight change in volume right away, but it takes a few days to really kick in. And when it does, the results are incredible. The best part is they’re long-lasting…18 to 24 months.

Do something that makes you look younger and makes you feel more confident. I can’t think of a better way to kick of 2019!

For more information on Botox or fillers or any of Akari’s other services call 207-772-9060 to schedule an appointment!

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