On a rainy, raw, forty-six degree May afternoon I walked through the doors of my happy place for a little pampering. On the menu…a mani pedi at Akari.

Sadly, it’s still socks weather, but in Maine we all know that elusive season we call spring will surface and eventually lead to summer. When that time comes our nails, particularly our toes, want to be rock star ready so what better treatment to focus on for Akari’s May blog than their Ultimate Mani Pedi Package.

Akari's Lauren Chiaccio gives a mani pedi to Shannon MossWhen I walked into the nail room I was greeted by Lauren Chiaccio, a lovely, soft-spoken young woman who exudes warmth and creativity.

We started with the pedicure, which if you’ve never had one, always begins with a mini jacuzzi party for your feet. After a few minutes in the hot bubbly water, your nails are cut and/or shaped to your liking, your cuticles are taken care of and any dry, cracked skin and calluses are exfoliated and sloughed off. (Warning, do NOT Google images of foot calluses!) Already, my feet, sans layers of tough dead winter skin, were soft and smooth and felt 5 pounds lighter!

Now here is where the Ultimate Mani Pedi Package at Akari rises above all others: Perched on a comfy, cushioned bench surrounded by pillows and a glass of cucumber water, (or citrus if you prefer), you’re given the full spa treatment.

Lauren coated my feet and lower legs with a clay mask made with eucalyptus and peppermint and dash of honey. The mask detoxifies and lifts impurities. It also moisturizes. What I found most memorable however, is the tingly, cooling sensation it gave me. It was like breathing in after popping a menthol cough drop. It was wonderful and I wish the mask could have stayed on a little longer.

Once the mask is wiped off Lauren individually wraps your legs and feet with hot towels and you and your toasty toes just get to sit there and soak in all the luxury.

After a few minutes Lauren, using a cucumber and almond cream, gives the most relaxing massage. Lauren is methodical and every individual toe was so grateful.

Booties for paraffin treatment during pedicureAnd we’re not done yet folks!

The next step is a paraffin treatment. Lauren fills plastic booties with warm wax and slips your feet inside. This treatment not only hydrates and moisturizes, it can actually help aching joints and improve circulation. (My right arthritic little piggy was off to the market!)

Next, it was time for color! Akari has about one million colors to colors to choose from. OK, I’m exaggerating. There are 900,000. There is even a vegan line.

I decided to go with the shellac pedicure. It’s a gel color that is bonded to your nails with a UV light. It’s glossy and long lasting. It lasts weeks and it doesn’t chip. And as an added bonus, there is no down time. Once Lauren was finished applying my “Closer Than You Might Belem” light teal color I was immediately able to put on my socks and shoes and head over to the manicure table.

Hold on to your hat because the manicure is just as marvelous as the pedicure!

A pedicure, part of the Akari Ultimate Mani Pedi PackageAfter the receiving the “Works,” the massage, and the paraffin treatment, Lauren expertly applied the shellac polish I chose (“Put it in Neutral”) and I was ready to go.

This was by far the best mani pedi experience I’ve ever had. It was luxurious, relaxing and therapeutic. Akari nailed it!

So when it’s time to put away the gloves and trade in the Bean Boots for flip flops make sure to head to Akari first for their Ultimate Mani Pedi Package. You deserve it!



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