As my first “official” blog post, this is special and heartfelt.


Pam “before”

I’ve been in this industry for a very long time, so I’ve seen what Botox and a Photofacial can do for someone. What I really wanted to see was what it would be like to combine all of our tools here at Akari to give someone a complete makeover.

With that, I introduce my good friend Pam, a busy single mom to two adorable little girls. We’ve been friends for years and I knew she would be a fantastic candidate to participate in a “transformative process” here at Akari because of her diligence and willingness to use the products we recommend for her.

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Pam is our “star” – she is undergoing an intensive, one-year program of treatments customized just for her. In our blog, we’ll be sharing her personal feelings and experiences so that you, too, can be a part of her journey!

I’m honored to share a bit of her story with you…

Are You Forgetting to Be Kind to Yourself?

Pam’s transformation illustrates something we see a lot of here at Akari: Many women – especially moms – are so focused on taking care of everyone else that they forget to take care of themselves. Pam had fallen into that mainstream mom pattern.

As an example, she ensured her daughters had sunscreen on their faces – but neglected her own. “I think as moms, we just tend to care for others and neglect our own needs sometimes. Well, I have done a 360 on all that!” she laughs.

Pam “before”

“I never had the time…or so I thought…to take the time to be kind to my face. I am embarrassed to admit that I think I took better care of my feet, being a runner, than I did my face! How awful is that? I would splash water on it, throw on some kind of cream and cover it up with some foundation and call it good.” Pam admits her biggest transformation is in how she cares for and treats her face and skin.

Now Pam treats her face with lots of TLC: “I do exactly what the technicians showed me. It takes little to no time to wash and moisturize. I use SPF every day like they said, even if it’s raining…I love how my skin looks and feels! It naturally made me love my face and skin and that is such an awesome feeling. I have never felt that way about it before, so my confidence has gone up. My skin feels ‘pretty.’”

You Deserve to Feel Beautiful & Confident

What message does Pam have for women?

She wants women to know how important it is to take care of themselves – and not just for health reasons.

“I believe when we feel good, everything else in our day-to-day lives seems better. This process can totally change how you may feel about yourself. I didn’t realize how much I was bothered by sun damage until I started this process. Now I just feel more confident in public and am proud of my skin. Every woman should be proud of her skin.”

She also wants women to realize how valuable they are and how they deserve to feel beautiful.

“It’s easier to take care of everyone else if we take care of ourselves first in a way that makes us feel good.” Pam would like every woman to feel beautiful. “Who would have thought skin care treatments and products could do all that? I didn’t! But am I grateful I do now!”

Let’s catch up on everything we’ve done with Pam since January!

Essential Defense Mineral Shield by Skin MedicaAirelle's Manuka Mask

Pam’s makeover began with some simple changes to her normal beauty routine with products from Airelle – Exfoliating Cleanser, Age-Defying Serum, Eye & Lip Roller, Intensive Hydrating Repair Complex and Manuka Mask. She’s also using Essential Defense SPF 35 by Skin Medica.

What Pam Loves: “I just add this to my morning routine. My skin felt so smooth after the first few days of using it. I love it when people say ‘Wow! Your skin looks so good.’”

On January 19th Pam enjoyed her first treatment of Microdermabrasion.

What Pam Loves:“My face felt amazing after – had a nice glow – good color.”

The makeover continued on February 17th with an underarm and Brazilian laser hair removal.

What Pam Loves: “I anticipated it to be more painful – the results after just one treatment were extremely noticeable.” The process was comfortable – and very fast.

Pam was wowed on February 23rd, when she received a Photofacial and laser hair removal on her legs.

What Pam Loves: “Amazing results!” says a delighted Pam. She also appreciated that her provider did an awesome job explaining what would happen during the treatment. Pam was pleasantly surprised with the laser hair removal treatment. “It seemed to go by quick. It wasn’t very painful. I’m surprised at how much hair didn’t grow back.”

Pam’s Personal Favorite So Far

Pam admits it’s tough to choose, but says the Airelle Manuka Mask is her favorite! She also loved the Photofacial, explaining, “Even though it may be slightly uncomfortable for a moment or two, my skin tone is great, so even!” Utilizing all of the amazing skin care products, she now loves the feel of her face. Most importantly, it never feels dry or patchy anymore.

Pam has also already noticed positive results from the laser hair removal procedures: “How awesome it is not having to shave!” Who doesn’t want that?!

Love Yourself First

Jennifer Lopez once said, “If you don’t love yourself, you can’t love anybody else. And I think as women we really forget that.” How many women can relate to that statement? Women tend to be nurturers and caregivers. Imagine how much more you’ll have to give others – when you start by taking care of yourself. Be your own witness as the outer transformation brings out your inner beauty!

We hope you’ll continue to follow Pam’s exciting transformation. If you have any questions about any of the procedures we offer, we’d love to hear from you!

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