Purple-gray hair

Just scroll through Instagram and Pinterest and you’ll notice more and more young women are purposefully highlighting and toning their hair to appear silver and white in color.

With the gray hair trend, natural greys have become more acceptable – even desirable. Aside from it being a huge fad in 2017, for women with natural grays, the benefits are obvious: it’s low maintenance and less time-consuming.

Baby boomers – born post-WWII between 1946 and 1964 – represent up to 76 million people in the world. Many rejected and ultimately redefined “traditional” values. Long gone are the days of associating gray hair with your grandmother…

Redefine How You Think About Gray Hair

At Akari here in Portland, we are seeing an increasing number of our clients who are interested in gray blending: incorporating grays into an all-over color. For decades, women have gone to salons every 3-4 weeks needing color because the grow-out line from a permanent color is so harsh and noticeable.

The thought of going from an all-over color to grays can understandably be daunting, but what many women don’t realize is that really, it’s a process and not scary at all.

The important thing to know about gray transitioning is that it’s done over a slow, long period of time. What if you change your mind? No worries – you can return to your previous hair color routine within one appointment. We encourage anyone who is curious to try it because it’s such a low commitment process.

How Can You Grow Out Your Grays?

Woman with gray hair getting hair cut

How can you grow out your grays with a natural look? Your colorist will use the same color, just with less coverage. Staying away from permanent color allows your root color to be more translucent while staying within your comfort level of visible grays.

Over time, the colorist may begin to leave some hair around the hairline out, only about ¼”, and throw in some signature highlights to help blend as well. It’s important to transition the brown color into cooler tones to match the tone of the gray.

If you don’t like your appearance with cool tones, no worries! We have rinses that will change your natural hair to better suit your skin tone.

Ready to Give the Gray Hair Trend a Try?

A woman happy with her natural hair color

It’s important to remember that everything about the gray transitioning process is supposed to be fun and explorative! You get to go for a longer period of time without looking “undone” – but you don’t have to deal with the commitment of a permanent color. Since the process is harmless and it’s easy to turn back, there’s no reason why you wouldn’t want to give it a try!

Meryl Ruth has been a long-time client of Akari’s owner, Jeffrey Blais. She decided to gray transition about a year and a half ago to see how she felt going natural.

Join the Growing Ranks of Women Who Embrace the Gray

Meryl had just turned sixty and felt that it was the right time. Jeffrey consulted with her and gave her an appropriate timeline. “He reminded me that I could always go back and color my hair again. I liked that I had choices,” explains Meryl. “It was a very gradual process and I saw Jeffrey for partial colorings every so often to ease into the changes. It was upsetting the day Jeffrey said we were done, no more coloring. Were we breaking up?”

Meryl and her husband were happily amazed by the results – and how transformative the process was. Meryl shares, “Going gray is not for everyone. I see women my age with beautifully colored hair. However, I have joined the ranks of other women who are embracing their natural gray hair – and I love it. I feel more like me and I still get to see Jeffrey when I get my hair cut at his lovely salon. It’s a win-win for me!

Interested in embracing your natural grays? Want to see if the gray hair trend suits you? Call us at 207.772.9060 and book your complimentary color consultation with the color experts at Akari!

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